Why  pre-wedding

photoshoot is so important?

Is a pre-wedding photoshoot necessary?

Well, that’s hard to say, but the short answer is, yes... So what is a pre-wedding photoshoot?

Pre wedding photoshoot is to show your bonding for each other. Pre wedding film reflects the personality of the couple. It helps you to be camera friendly also.

A pre-wedding photoshoot is also something that can be used to ensure you picked the right photographer, you get along with them and they get along with you. 

1. Pre-wedding photoshoots help to ease feelings of awkwardness.

2. Pre-wedding photoshoots help to get to know your photographer, and help them get  to know you.

3. Pre-wedding photoshoots give you beautiful images to use on stationary.

4. Capture a very important time in your lives.

5. Get photos in a different location to your wedding day.