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Why Candid Photography

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Candid wedding photography is a method of photography that involves shooting the wedding from a journalistic perspective without ‘touching’ the scene in any way.

It's more of a different approach to story telling and less of a new technique of photography. No requests to look this side, pose this-a-way or interfere with the ceremony as it happens.When a photographer does this, the moment is lost due to which the emotion is lost and a staged photo is captured.

Now let’s explore the different roles that a regular photographer and candid wedding photographer play.

The regular photographers are great photographers too. They are very good at what they do. They are good at sequentially documenting the wedding and especially capturing groups of people (friends & family with couple) the regular photographer is better equipped with both crew and his style of work to document everyone who attended.

While these posed group pictures are being taken, a really good candid wedding photographer should be busy capturing blink-and-you-miss-them moments.

These could be your father laughing, your aunt scolding the caterer or your grandmom sobbing in silence. These are moments that  are part of your story that an experienced candid wedding photographer can capture.

Further, some of the best candid wedding photographers spend extraordinary effort in editing the pictures. They are in tune with global tools and trends in editing and styles. Due to which you might receive more vibrant pics and pictures that are ‘alive’.

Also, there are new ways of showcasing your pics that are constantly cropping up. Currently the instagrammy pics are in trend, maybe black & white will be tomorrow.

Candid Photography

One should hire a candid photographer once you understand and agree with the aesthetic that particular photographer believes in and delivers. Also prepare your family that they must trust the photographer's choices and let him/her do her job during the wedding.

When all of this happens, the results are memorable. :)

Best practice to get result for candid photography

There are really three approaches.

1. Stealth. Here are a few ideas in that regard.

Mount your camera on a tripod, and use a cable release. Put the camera on manual focus, and pre-focus on the spot where you will take peoples' photos. This may be along a sidewalk or other pedestrian route, for example. Sit on a bench, wall or chair well away from the camera, and just watch the spot, and trigger the shutter as people walk by.Work in large crowds, where other people will help camouflage your actions. Use a long lens,Use a twin lens reflex camera (old style) or a camera with a tiltable view screen (new style) where you don't have to hold the camera to your eye to take the photo. If the camera is not at your eye, most people will ignore it.

2. A much different method is interactive. When you take somebody's photo, you often get an immediate reaction. Shoot in burst mode, or just be ready to shoot more than one photo. The subject's candid reaction when they realize that you just photographed them can be interesting, and lively. In my experience, it is usually a pleasant reaction, but I choose my venue wisely. You might get good interactive photos shooting in gangland, but you might not live to show the photos. Burst mode often/usually creates a variety of reactions as you continue shooting. They wonder when you are going to stop. You're not just taking a photo, you're doing something more immersive. You can even provoke an additional reaction by saying something provocative and funny like "Work it baby." (The same line would work on guys, too.) In this situation your goal is to get the candid reactions to your actions to show up in the image as some sort of interaction with the photographer/viewer.

3. Inoculation. This works well with family, at small events, and in groups of people where you habitually hang out. If you are always there, always taking photos, people eventually just ignore you and just keep doing what they are doing. They're inoculated to your presence, and you no longer have much impact on their behavior. They just keep on doing what they're doing, and you can easily record it.

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